2022 Productivity & Planning With

Mike Claudio!

The 3 Secrets High Achievers Use To Plan Their Success Without Losing Their Lives In The process!


How to become massively productive in your business while doing more of the things you love to do.


How building a life with powerful habits and discipline is the key to freedom.


How to create a predictable system that leads to success without losing your life in the process.

About Your Host

Mike works with hundreds of contractors and home improvement specialists teaching them these same critical time management techniques.

Mike is a high-performance business coach that has created a tribe of experts that represent what it looks like to Win Fast & Win Often!

Mike has spent the last 14 years not just selling products but learning how to go out and actually develop business.

His sales and management career started in retail with Verizon Wireless before working in their enterprise sales. During his time in Corporate America, he was given some of the best training in the world and really developed obsession-like energy for communication and the client experience.

While his formal training was in the corporate setting, he has always gravitated towards smaller companies where he could work with entrepreneurs to help them bring the changes they need to grow their business.

Although Mike was a great salesman, he found his love and passion for the people, processes, and services of the construction industry.

In just two years working in Construction, both as a salesman and as their construction sales consultant, he went from a couple hundred thousand a year to well over $1 million a year. He was able to bring the brand awareness and business development process that brought in the bigger, higher-paying jobs they were looking for.

Then Mike made a change and went on to conquer the roofing industry. In his first 12 months, he was able to personally bring in over $2 million in sales and helped the sales team more than double year-over-year. This brought the company to the $5 million mark, more than doubling their previous year's $2 million in sales.

Mike has a proven system and processes to Identify, Target, Qualify and Acquire clients. With a heavy focus on communication, follow-through, and follow-up he believes any company can increase sales and profits and Mike wants to be the one to help you do that!


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